The ethnographic complex “Svetiloto” (transl. The Luminary) is located in the small town Golyamo Dryanovo in the base of Stara Planina (transl. Old Mountain). The wonderful view of the mountain, beautiful nature, walnut gardens and running river Leshnitsa make it one of the most spectacular places in Bulgaria. The idea that such a historical place should be build right here is no accident- the town originated in ancient times and in it you can see traces of every era of Bulgarian development. The people of the region have a natural interest in history and tradition, which they pass on from generation to generation.

The birth of ‘’Svetiloto” begins with the Lankova House- home to an old, wealthy family and built in the 19th century by Lalyu Lankov, a soldier in the Bulgarian Liberation War. In the house you can see the history of the family, including his sons- Ivan Lankov, also a soldier who fought in the First World War and Nikola Lankov, who was a writer and a poet. Here you can also enjoy the traditional Bulgarian cuisine in the fully restored tavern or in the sunny yard. The Lankova House is just the beginning of “Svetiloto” and we will continue to work for its development, so that we can show you more and more of the culture and history of the beautiful region.

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